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Happy.Born on 11/05/97.
Currently a Marist, ex-BTPSIAN
Psle score = 235 1A*3A
I love playin table tennis, tennis, badminton,basketball,and of course SOCCER! Lets see, I also like to play computer games. I love my phone which is W910 and my PSP cuz they ROCKZ.
I hate anything related to studying cuz it sucks. I hate swimming and naggings. I hate playing board games except for Ludo. Thats all I can think of!
KK, I wish for a class gathering, a new laptop, new bike, able to go to Liverpool, play like Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas and Steven Gerrard and almost everything that I never had.

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25 Dec 08->Christmas
1 Jan 09->New Year
11 May ->My birthday
9 Aug->National Day
1 Oct->Children's day



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Monday, May 18, 2009
3:35 PM

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday.123 people came. WAs so crowded. Hardly breathe. jkjk. The girls played sum games,volleyball then the boys see so funny. The girls no strength one, lucky..../ then later we play play play. DaRREN came. He made me edaamnnnn fed up. So we went to ply soccer. AND THX FOR THE PRESENTS. So it was like so fun. then barbecue, the boys cooked at 1st, then we go play soccer then the girls cook. HAHA BOYS BULLY
My results today very shiok. Chinese 86.5/90!! BUAY PAI~
overall no astar sobs sobs sobs 88.5!!!!!!
chinese still can haha
english veri not bad
at the veri least, i beat timothy who always think he very good in english.
got 70/90 suan hen hao le.
at least compre i get 14???

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
3:01 PM

Exams are coming. So I cannot believe that I am actually blogging! Had not blog for days! I really wish I can get A*for chinese but I cannot liao. I showoff by using so much proverbs then chinese compo so low. SOBS.
Today is Juan Pang and Chen Zung's birthday.
I sincerely wish them a happy birthday and hope ur wishes all come true (especially Juan Pang) a few more days to my birthday, but my birthday got exam. So How? I will be celebrating mine on 15th. Btw, for those ppl who are taking HMT jyjy for tommorrow.

Sunday, May 03, 2009
4:35 PM

Paiseh arh! So long no blog-
exam coming JY