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Happy.Born on 11/05/97.
Currently a Marist, ex-BTPSIAN
Psle score = 235 1A*3A
I love playin table tennis, tennis, badminton,basketball,and of course SOCCER! Lets see, I also like to play computer games. I love my phone which is W910 and my PSP cuz they ROCKZ.
I hate anything related to studying cuz it sucks. I hate swimming and naggings. I hate playing board games except for Ludo. Thats all I can think of!
KK, I wish for a class gathering, a new laptop, new bike, able to go to Liverpool, play like Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas and Steven Gerrard and almost everything that I never had.

Email Me if you've any inquiries :)

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25 Dec 08->Christmas
1 Jan 09->New Year
11 May ->My birthday
9 Aug->National Day
1 Oct->Children's day



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Friday, November 28, 2008
10:04 AM

lol,i going bookstore in school 2day..maybe i go at 2 then i can go west mall.
I currently hearing Learning to Fall - Boys Like Girls and I bought a new ear piece so I using ear piece to hear.L0l!Weird!zzz can say anything u want but i dont give a damm!zzz!

I go to hear summore song bb!

Sunday, November 23, 2008
7:13 PM

1) What is your full name? CHIOH CHENG DA, MARCUS!!! :D

2) Do you like your first name?Yes of course :D

3) How long have you liked the person you currently like?er.. let me see. close to 2 years :D ISN'T IT AMAZING? hahaha..

4) Have you kissed anyone in the last 48 hours?NO? who want mann... i know all of you do :D

5) Did you cry today?CRY FOR WHAT? mad.

6) What are you doing this morning at 8am?PLAYING COMPUTER so fun!!!!! :D

7) What are you doing an hour ago? Went to West Mall Timezone, and played Midnight Tune 3

8) What are you currently doing? Listening to The Man who can't be moved - The Script, watching the 45 years the channel 8 show and doing this survey?

9) Who last texted you a msg?Khai Feng XD

10) Have you told anybody that you love them today?don't have leh :( TOO BAD! hahaha..

11) Do you miss anyone now?OF COURSE. lah obvious....

12) Any plans for tomorrow? Go Arcade again and attempt to get the premium $1000 card cuz i got lyt $930 liao so ned $70 more.

13) What was the reason behind the last time you cried? Yes. Cuz I heard a song that was so so so so touching..

14) Is there anyone you want to be with now?YES LEH :D I WANT TO BE WITH .....

15) Name someone who make you smile today, how? The arcade machine. Cuz I complete the card in Midnight Tune 3.

16) Name a friend whose name stats with 'Z'. This is hard..Zhi Xiang

17) Which of your friend stays closest to you? Benjamin if tuition fren... If school fren is Louis!!!!

18) Do you prefer to call or to text? TEXT

19) Was yesterday better than today?EVERYDAY IS A HAPPY DAY :D i think

20) Can you live a day without tv and your phone?OF COURSE cuz got com...

21) Are you mad about anything now?YES. very. the blog says it all :D

22) Do you ever think that relationships are really worth it? while, if you treasure it.

23) Last person you visited in a hospital?My great grandmother..

24) When is your last and second last hug?HOW I KNOW SIA!

25) What does the last text msg in your inbox says?ER.. By Khai Feng : Lol, Arsenal lost 3-0 to Man C.

26) How do you feel about your life now? AWESOME!

27) Do you hate anyone?I DON'T HATE PEOPLE. I DISLIKE THEM :D

28) Last person you called? don' tell you.

29) Who usually sent you the most texts in a month? Can't tell maybe Remus...

30) Is your room messy now? No..IT IS FREAKIN NEAT WITH BOOKS.

31) Who will be mad if your room is messy? NO One cuz no one cares

32) Tag 10 people to do this survey don't want leh :D wat u gonna do about it

Friday, November 21, 2008
2:24 PM

Guess these 7 players, Answers at bottom.DONT CHECK

David Villa(Spain)
Carlos Tevez(Manchester United)
Park Ji Sung(Manchester United)
Francesco Totti(Roma)
Daniel Agger(Liverpool)
Didier Drogba(Chelsea)

10:13 AM


Wednesday, November 19, 2008
3:02 PM

LOl, holidays is fun but lonely....I everyday play com like siao. I will play kicks online(a soccer game)that rockz like siao.Sad....No frens,KIM,i miss you lol....Anyway, I am meeting lots of frens like remus,kfc,ming han in lot 1 on friday..We r gonna play arcade and bowling and .....!Gonna be a fun day on FRIDAY. So looking forward to it!!!!
Oh Ya!Yesterday,when I go west mall with fren, I go library then saw EN YI. I was like WAT THE FUK!!!
Thinking of it, I laughing. My expression is so funny.

Sunday, November 16, 2008
4:46 PM

Wah!Just CAME BACK from very fun things. First,Met frens at Lot 1.Then go bowling at Jurong East, so fun. In the End, Remus won!!!Then went watch movie.MADASAGER 2 (SRY FOR WRONG SPELLIN) Then ATE SAKAE SUSHI!SIAO.I ATE UNTIL SO MUCH!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008
9:13 AM

Since I want to waste time, lets do this
Choose 10 person which are ur fren and they have a blog. But you can't chose yourself
1:Kim Do Hyung
2:Cheong Khai Feng
3:Toh Sin YI
4:Lee Shyh Haur
5:Leong En Yi

1) 4(Lee Shyh Haur) invites 3(Toh Sin Yi) and 8(Carina) to dinner at their house. What happens?
Number 1.Toh Sin Yi maybe don't know Carina.

2.Carina will not go cause they are all boys (thats what i think though).

2) You need to stay at a friends house for the night. Do you chose 1(Kim Do Hyung) or 6(Celine)?

This is 100% 1. But now he is in Korea and thats is damm sad. Wish I can go Korea.

3) 3(Toh Sin Yi) falls in love with 6(Celine). 8(Carina) is jealous. What happens?

This question is very weird. A WEIRD QUESTION. But seriously I dont noe what will happen.

4) 4(Lee Shyh Haur) fights with you in a dark allyway. Who comes to your rescue? 10(Joy),2(Cheong Khai Feng) or 7(Megan)?100% 2.

1. 2 is a boy and can fight well.

2.10 and 7 are girls. They don't dare fight.

5) 1(Kim Do Hyung) decides to start a cooking show. 15 minutes later what is happening?

Help the whole place is burning! Fire everywhere. Save ME SAVE ME!

6) 5(Leong En Yi) is in a car crash and is critictly injured. What does 9(Wendy) do?

Kk, obvious. Save 5 lah. No,No Maybe not. 9 will just call a damm ambulance.

7) You get to meet either 1(Kim Do Hyung) or 6(Celine). Who do you chose?

Meeting 1 is really a dream come true. So meeting 1 is 100% cuz he is in KOREA. And I MISS HIM.

8) Everyone gangs up on 3(Toh Sin Yi). Does 3 have a chance in hell?

Yes a high chance cuz he is gonna be dead in 10 secs if everyone gang up against him.

9) 1(Kim Do Hyung) arives late for 2(Cheong Khai Feng) and 8(Carina)'s wedding. What happens?

Nothing. And why are they late?I know!!!Kim rush back from Korea, thats why late!!!

10)Everyone is trying to kill you. Who is the master?Why are they killing you?
Master is maybe the girls. Cause I disturb them???????

8:38 AM


Friday, November 14, 2008
3:00 PM


Thursday, November 13, 2008
4:21 PM

Kim, you must come back to Singapore, soon, k? Remember that!
Kk, I am feeling bored now so I shall do a 110 MUSICS TO LISTEN BEFORE I DIE.YAY!
Firstly, I will list all easy one like Hsm songs first cause easier to remember.

1.Start of Something New - HSM
2.When There was Me and You - HSM
3.We're all in this together - HSM
4.Stick to the status quo - HSM
5.Get Cha head in the game - HSM
6.Breaking Free - HSM
7.Bop to the Top - HSM
8.Everyday - HSM 2
9.What time is it - HSM 2
10.Work this out - HSM 2
11.You are the music in me - HSM 2
12.I don't dance - HSM 2
13.Gotta go my own way - HSM 2
14.All for One - HSM 2
15.Fabulous - HSM 2
16.Humuhumunukuapua'a - HSM 2
17.Bet On it - HSM 2
18.Now or Never - HSM 3
19.Walk Away - HSM 3
20.Right Here, Right Now - HSM 3
21.I want it all - HSM 3
22.A Night to Remember - HSM 3
23.Just Wanna be with you - HSM 3
24.Can I have this dance - HSM 3
25.Scream - HSM 3
26.Addicted - Simple Plan
27.Generation - Simple Plan
28.Happy Together - Simple Plan
29.Untitled - Simple Plan
30.I'd do Anything - Simple Plan
31.I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan
32.Love is a Lie - Simple Plan
33.Perfect - Simple Plan
34.Save You - Simple Plan
35.No Love - Simple Plan
36.Welcome to my Life - Simple Plan
37.When I'm Gone - Simple Plan
38.A little bit longer - Jonas Brothers
39.Burning Up - Jonas Brothers
40.Hold On - Jonas Brothers
41. Lovebug - Jonas Brothers
42. S.O.S - Jonas Brothers
43.What I go to school for - Jonas Brothers
44.Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers
45.Britney - Busted
46.Crashed the Wedding - Busted
47.Last Christmas - Busted
48.What I go to school for - Busted
49.Thunderbirds are go - Busted
50.You said no - Busted
51.Who's David - Busted
52.Me,You and my Medication - Boys like Girls
53.Brokenman - Boys like Girls
54.Dance Hall Drug - Boys like Girls
55.Heels over head - Boys like Girls
56.HeroHeroine - Boys like Girls
57.The great Escape - Boys like Girls
58.Thunder - Boys like Girls
59.He said,She said - Ashley Tisdale
60. Kiss the girl - Ashley Tisdale
61.Headstrong - Ashley Tisdale
62.When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
63.Complicated - Avril Lavigne
64.Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
65.My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
66.The Best Damm Thing - Avril Lavigne
67.Don't tell me - Avril Lavigne
68. 超喜欢你 - 飞轮海
69.爱到 - 飞轮海
70.我有我的 young -飞轮海
71.谢谢你的温柔 - 飞轮海 and S.H.E
72.心窝 - 飞轮海 and S.H.E
73.只对你有感觉 - 飞轮海 and Hebe
74.中国话 - S.H.E
75.五月天 - S.H.E
76.老婆 - S.H.E
77.怎么办 - S.H.E
78.Super Star - S.H.E
79.我不会唱歌 - 罗志祥
80.当我们宰一块 - 罗志祥
81.离开地球表面 - 五月天
82.天使 - 五月天
83.私奔到月球 - 五月天 and 陳綺貞
84. Dangerous - Akon
85. Don't Matter - Akon
86. Smack That - Akon
87. Wait a Minute - Timbaland and PussyCat Dolls
88. Umbrella - Rihanna
89. I'm Yours - Jason Marz
90.Lucky - Jason Marz
91 Love Lockdown - Kanye West
92. Whatever you like - T.I
93. Closer - Ne-Yo
94. Toxic - Britney Spears
95. Piece of Me - Britney Spears
96. Numb - Linkin Park
97. In the End - Linkin Park
98. What I've Done - Linkin Park
99.When I grow up - PussyCats Doll
100.Signal Fire - Snow Patrol
101. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
102.This is Me - Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
103.Crush - David Archuleta
104.Apologise - OneRepublic and Timbaland
105.Remember the Name - Fort Minor
106.Ciara - Like a Boy
107.Disturbia - Rihanna
108.Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
109.Everytime we touch - Cascada


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
8:11 PM

Since is the end of year, I shall do a recap of my best year in my primary school years. The order is same as Wendy's as I dont know quite alot of people.
Carina - A girl who is kind and weird? Wonder why Khai Feng like her?
Da Eun - The person who Mr Khan favours the most. She is the MOST IRRATING person in class. A bit siao-siao and very talketive. And BOSSY.
Megan - Once again, a person that Mr Khan favours. Very irrating as she talks rubbish at times.
Moon Young - Talks loudly. Okayish but irrating at times. Also weirdy at times.
En Yi - If I am not wrong, she is quite tall. A 'kind' girl in MSN but in real life, talketive. Hardworking(If I am not wrong) and good in Maths.
Erika - A person who Mr Khan favours and talks weirdly and loudly. Behave well in class?
Lorraine - Talks alot and kenna Mr khan scolding, nothing much to say.
Sin Yin - Always laugh for no reasons. Weird! Crazy I think?
Li Ping - Super Talketive and when she talk, always kenna Mr Khan spotted. Haha! Not alert.
Yi Xuan - KK, this girl is super weird. Very quiet, hardly talks and when she talks, she will talk to Yu Ang.
Wendy - A person who laughs loud and a person who almost all boys hate. Is Crazy sometimes.Lol.

All boys are my fren except timothy and Siah wei.
Adam - Acts good and bossy but Da Eun is more. Thinks he is very good. Don't accept other people opinions.
Kee Jin - The Most Irrating. A complete Retarded and useless. Good at sabtoging people like me. Cares about his sister alot and is sick. A lousy fighter.Piggy!!!
Khai Feng - is actually evil but a good friend. Will not betray friends.Loves soccer and cares about friends. Cares about CGG
Yu Ang - A person who seldoms talk except for Yi Xuan . Greed for Money.
Jun Kai - Funny guy. Create jokes but some jokes are just too much and irrate me seldomly.
Kim Do Hyung - Sometimes my friend, sometimes not. Irrating at times and when angry, he siao-siao.
Kim Do Hyun - My best Fren, he rockz. A caring friend. A Wendy hater.He actually very caring but he seldoms show that. When in trouble, he will save me.
Remus - My best fren. Likes joking and laughs alot. Very funny. And when he want to do somehting fast, he will be very hardworking.
Kevin - Likes playing bakugan( a lame toy). Wonder why Mr Khan call him Chicken Little??
Siah Wei - A stationary robber. Robs people of their stationary and he sucks. Also sabotage people.
Bryan See - My best fren. Very kind and funny although some people who hardly talks to him dont find him kind. He is very kind, always sharing things with me that he bought. Always being pestered by Mr Khan.
Jerome - A quiet guy. Scaredy cat. Very scared of stuff.
Thomas - Always come my house one. Hate exams alot. Love girls for no reason.
Timothy - Three words. A complete NERD. So Irrating as he talks lah blah blah blah.
Juan Pang - My money taker. Always treat me at 7- Eleven and a good fren. Always acts Cute. But fun to play with.
Dae Koon - A Maths smartypants. Figure out problems fast. Show-off too. Talks fast thus given nickname of bullet train.
Carlo- My best fren. Very kind to me. My soccer buddy and a SUPREMELY GOOD fren.

Saturday, November 08, 2008
6:24 PM

so fast,p5 year is ending.Kim is leaving Singapore and many things are going to change next year. Feeling depressed right now. Hope time can stop so we no need take PSLE . 11 months more, must study hard so i will be posting seldomly. Remember, study hard

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
3:55 PM

Lol, today was 'results' day. It jus sucks as my results so low. Must buck up for PSLE le. EXAMS SUCKS.

Monday, November 03, 2008
2:12 PM

my results are FREAKIN bad