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Happy.Born on 11/05/97.
Currently a Marist, ex-BTPSIAN
Psle score = 235 1A*3A
I love playin table tennis, tennis, badminton,basketball,and of course SOCCER! Lets see, I also like to play computer games. I love my phone which is W910 and my PSP cuz they ROCKZ.
I hate anything related to studying cuz it sucks. I hate swimming and naggings. I hate playing board games except for Ludo. Thats all I can think of!
KK, I wish for a class gathering, a new laptop, new bike, able to go to Liverpool, play like Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas and Steven Gerrard and almost everything that I never had.

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25 Dec 08->Christmas
1 Jan 09->New Year
11 May ->My birthday
9 Aug->National Day
1 Oct->Children's day



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Monday, September 29, 2008
2:05 PM

Now I am goin to announce my fav song

Your love is a lie- Simple Plan
Addicted-Simple Plan
They rockz

Friday, September 26, 2008
4:38 PM

sRY FOR not posting for SO LONG. JUST VERY SRY. btw just to tell you. I will not be posting very often. Exams are coming, MUST BUCK UP

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
5:05 PM

LOl, Today was my so called Basil seeds.Let me answer Wendy,blog question. We dont run away after buying basil , the auntie allow us ! And I dint RAM ur legs,if I did, your leg will become like Kee Jin leg(I kicked Kee Jin leg b4 and he kenna bandaged) So shut up MOUTH up f**king wendy cuz u are f**king stupid! Kk,zz
Was not late for school.YAY!then I go hall sit beside Daniel! Then go class. We straight away go down as we were suppose to help in Naffa1.6KM. I was helping so was Remus Kim, Dae Koon ,Some girls,Adam. I was in charge that no one cheats. I was stationed outside the Malay class. The so called retakers must run on the road and not step on the grass.If they step on the grass, they will go bak to the "no grass area" and run from there. Anyway, I stopped a guy as he cheated, he start saying f**k my ******.So many vulgarities! Dont care him, he still must go bak. I heard that at Remus station someone cheated lol. Remus could not stop him.
Then we went up to class, and do some newspaper i tink. Then we do the situational writing b4 reccess, when we finish we go down for reccess. Then I played soccer outside field. Then bought basil seeds and shoot people. Reccess over, went up to class, SOME NOOB GIRLS GO COMPLAIN THAT I SPIT AT THEM, LOL. THEY DAMM F*UKING IRRATING LEH.MR KHAN said they deserve it. Lol, they really deserved it! Then chinese, I heard someone crying,think it was soh liping as she was kenna ****.lol jkjk. So after school, the girls die. Daniel was happy that Wendy was taking as he wanted to shoot at her. So I shot a lot at Wendy. Lost count lol, then I went home

Friday, September 19, 2008
4:38 PM

Lol,zzz,I arrived school early SUPER EARLY AROUND 6.30a.m. Then played badminton with FRIENDS.Oh ya, Megan, I relinked liao...Soooo, I went to hall sweating. I sat with Remus and Khai Feng. Then we went to class then CHIONG COM LAB.relax not to play but to do ORAL.(if you got tricked,HAHAHAHA)Then play com for A WHILE. Then reccess, played with a small small ball. Then chiong BULLY GIRL. Lol,then went bak to class.SO it is kenna lame in RECCESS. Then we do some newspaper thingy. Learnt more bout China the milk thingy. 4 deaths so far.zzz but many babies hospitalised and it is MANY.Then Chinese, must guess 6 words I think.I dint even bother to guess cuz it is LAME.Then we read textbook. Then we got another riddle to guess。两个晚上. That was the riddle to guess . The answer is 多 cuz there is 2 夕Then later music. We heard Simple Plan songs. They rockz but Jonas Brothers rockz more. I stayed bak and shot some basil seeds at Moon Young. Haha, she couldnt take revenge! I played table tennis. We played knockout tournment.16 ppl participated including me. I won the tournament lol as many were noob. I thrased many ppl on the way. THEN WENT HOME.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
10:19 AM

I in com lab so say WOW! I was LATE FOR SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!! KK, i sat outside hall.zz.Then went to class. Go through some newspaper. Then I got my fun day money. I earned $60 thats a lot. So happy. Reccess I bully girl. I still in school so my day havent finish! So BB

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
4:03 PM

kk, joy i relink liao.

Today started off with my father not waking me up on time so I got to chiong my 作文. Luckily, I finished. Then I went to school feeling happy as I was gonna to ....... Then I sat between Khai Feng and Remus. DO U MIND IF I FAST FORWARD?????????????????IF YES, I TELL U WAT HAPPEN IN SCHOOL IN MSN.

Kim told Khai Feng say me and Kim go Carina hse. WE REALLY WENT AND TOOK PICTURES OF CARINA HSE AND OF COURSE HER. lOL, carina was like ANGRY.But dont care. Then went bak to skool and then showed Khai the pics. So funny.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
1:50 PM

Lol, today I skipped school lessons. I went for the SCIENCE INSPIRE. I am the presenter of my group. So many ppl come. I am not going to talk bout the p3 and p4 and p6 visit. Onli bout p5....
Carina (Khai Feng gf) came to my stall. As you know, Khai Feng also inh my stall as he is the so called "water fetcher" as he fetches water. I told Khai to explain to Carina but he dont wan. So I explained lol. Then Khai gave Carina a chop on her paper lol. KHAI WAS SO HAPPY!!!! Not goin to talk more . SO BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008
6:14 PM

Today was .....(Dont ask me who is it and dont tag it if u know especially Megan the BIG MOUTH) happiest day..... Read more to find out whose. Kk, Lets START. I was late but I still went in the hall.(I sneaked in,perfects blind). Went to class after some Nanjing talk. I got to spend $400 when Nanjing Students come.(Dont ask me) Go through newspaper.We did some English Workbook. Then go to ask p4 and p5 soccer members today no practice. Then did some Maths worksheet. Then went to reccess, WAT THE HELL, FIELD STILL CLOSE,JUST OPEN THE DAMM ****ING FIELD LEH!!!!!!!Anyway, Yi Wen, the fat pig, broke the hoop. Lol, so fat!!! Then went to library for AIR-CON. Then went bak to class. Continue on Maths worksheet then Chinese liao. Chinese today was boring as only hav 2 riddles and must do compo. I did some b4 i went home. Then after Chinese ,continue on maths again....

Then ....,Kim,Ming han and ME went to Carina house. It was .... happiest day so we stayed there and disturb her. Then we disturb her till she shouted but WE DID NOT CARE. Continue going up to 2nd level and .... and Kim went to her room. We played like siao and once again, WE DID NOT CARE ABOUT .... Just continue playing till 4 plus. Then we went to mini-mart to buy drink.Then Carina sms Kim saying we veri irrating. ..... immediately call her and say sorry. He was very regretful of his actions. LOL BUT I WAS NOT! Then .... went to my house and he is still here.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008
1:10 PM

Today was realli a freaking fun....I was late but I went in to the hall as Mr Khan wanted me too. Then some stupid prefect go and stop me and must sit outside the hall. HATE HER!!!!!!Some female teacher was talking bout the Science Inspire.Then outside was doing rubik cube. (I know how to checkerbox damm FAST) So after flag-raising, Mdm Suzana checks for latecomers for socks,shoes and ....I no scolding haha!Then Mr Khan ask me to bring something to class so I was the first to reach class.Yay!!Once again, went through some newspaper. Then Mr Khan give us some peas(dont be mistaken, it is a green colour veegie). It has some seeds inside as we did a experiment.Did it till reccess, then cannot play soccer.WAT THE!!!!OPEN THE DAMM ****ING FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then ate food, then chiong library as there is AIR-CON. Then we bullied some kids,lol,tats was so FUN. Then Mr Khan teach us Photosynthesis and Respiration. We finished the whole textbook liao..... Then Chinese was so FUN!although I hate Chinese but it was damm fun today!!!!!!!We went thorugh some riddles ,SO INTERSTING!ROCKZ.I guessed 1 correct.YAHOO!!Then solved some rubik cube..(I dint mention about听写 cuz it was lame)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
1:46 PM

Today was 2nd day of term 4. Early morning, Mdm Yazilah told us must be neat in our .......(thats boring stuff, you dont wanna noe) Then thought have P.E but sadly no. So went bak to class, read LRD for like 1 hr. Later Mr Lim came in without anyone knowing. He scolded Siah Wei(if you dont noe him, nvm)as he was sharpening a wooden paper while we were all 津津有味 reading our newspaper and doing puzzle.Later we do situational writing till reccess. Kk, once again,BORING RECCESS cuz have no soccer as field was block!WAT THE HELL!CAN OPEN A NOT? Then ate till full then i went to play basketball. When walking from Basketball court to outside library, onli remember bout my uniform. Frantically find it and quickly wear over. Then in class, WAT THE, Jun Kai go and dirty my shirt with some pen. Mr Khan went through some of the compo that 5G wrote.Then WAT THE,Soh Li Ping damm ****ing irrating. Then Chinese, went to Mr Khan office to take sweet with Kim and Khai feng and Remus. Haha, then went bak.佘老师was there liao..... Then greeted her.h Lol embarrassed!Then went bak to my sit. Then must read the oral, first person to call is ME! Hate her.... KK, then health eduation teacher cant control class, so WE WENT TALKIN LIKE SIAO!!!!!Then went home...

Monday, September 08, 2008
4:11 PM

Today was the first day of Term 4 and also the day I am gonna revive my blog. I am really happy to revive this blog. Kk,enough of talking,lets get into my day today!!!Today was quite a fun day read on to see why. Started off with some sense talk from Mr Lim. I really think what he said make sense althought it is boring but IT MAKES SENSE. Term 4 is the term to study. Then went back to class. We started off we some newspaper articles. Then later to mark the test paper. I answered most of the questions and even argued with Mr Khan for the correct question and I got it correct.YAY!!!!!!!Then we spent the whole 8-9.30 am on test paper. Waoh, reccess cannot play soccer cuz they block the field. WHO IS THE ONE!!!!! Then I ate and then played with Remus. We bullied Timothy, the Coco.LOL so fun! Then went back to class once again, once again, continue on test paper. Mr Khan asked a few special people to take out the posters from our class. I was one of them. Later finish followed Mr Khan to staff room to collect my book.EPL!yes! Then Chinese, 佘老师 never scold me lol. First time I think??? Then stayed back with Kim, Remus,Douglas,Glenn and many other friends. Then went to play badminton outside the field during lunch. Felt hungry so went to eat. Saw Carina and Megan and Moon Young So FUNNY!Lol! Then played badminton, I win Glenn and Kim never win Remus...............